Flush mount decorative wooden floor vents


  One of the biggest design choices you make for your home is the flooring. Ventizmo flush mounted decorative hardwood vents are the perfect choice for complimenting your floors. With a wide variety of designs and woods to select from, there are no more excuses for having boring vents!
   Choose from our collection or contact us for a customized pattern you would like to incorporate into your home.  Ventizmo flush mounted decorative hardwood vents.  It's what all the best dressed floors are wearing!

Our Commitment

   We are a  Canadian Company with all of our manufacturing completed in Collingwood, Ontario.  Each step of the process, from design, manufacturing  to distribution is done in our facility enabling us to oversee and produce top quality products.  This also contributes to our success in customer satisfaction and allows us to customize designs on top of our wide selection available.

The Difference

The Difference:
  It's in the finishing touches when our homes start to take shape and where we get a chance to showcase our style.  Ventizmo hardwood decorative floor vents add a layer of elegance to your floors.  High quality hardwood with coupled with intentionally beautiful design allows for maximum air flow and creativity to come together.  With ease of installation, our flush mounted drop in vents elevate the look of your home. Artwork isn't just for walls anymore!